There’s a place where you can go to enjoy nature at its best; to feel the earth beneath your feet, the wind on your face, fire’s warmth on your skin and water’s calming nourishment. Create a connection with the natural world around you and leave feeling refreshed, invigorated and relaxed … and nowhere does that quite like Rotorua.



Inspired by niho taniwha (teeth of the taniwha), this pattern represents the myths and legends of the Māori people. The tapatoru (triangles) symbolise strength and resilience, and mirror the shape of our mountains and forests.


Four koru designs represent nga hau e wha (the four winds), which were thought to be controlled by tohunga (priests) to help their tribe. This symbol is representative of bringing people together.


The kaokao pattern reflects the burning passion of Māori warriors – arms strong, standing united – as they perform the haka, a fierce display of pride and strength.


Called the ‘life giver of all things’, this symbol represents wai giving energy to the koru as it unfurls. The three ripples relate to the lakes, rivers and geothermal waters, which each have their own mauri (life force).

Experience Māori culture

Whether it’s an encounter with a Māori guide, a hongi greeting, talking to a carver or weaver, experiencing a hangi (food cooked in an earth oven), facing the haka or hearing age old stories, visitors will be enriched by their Māori cultural experience. Rotorua offers a genuine warmth of welcome and manaakitanga (hospitality), something that the Te Arawa Māori have been providing visitors to the Rotorua region for well over 150 years.

Where fire meets water

Witness the raw power of the earth in action and see how the landscape was reshaped all those years ago. Rotorua is located on top of a volcanic geothermal caldera providing a natural active environment ranging from awe-inspiring vistas to professional day spas. Rotorua’s healing waters and mud will reinvigorate the mind, body and soul and provide opportunities to relax and unwind year-round.

The element of adventure

Rotorua is the home of adventure in the North Island – we have a range of attractions that make us the place to go for a truly New Zealand adventure. Experience a jet boat joyride; see Rotorua by zipline, luge or big round ball; or find a boat and throw out the ski rope on one of our many lakes. Our tremendous Whakarewarewa Forest is also a mountain biking mecca, decreed one of only six gold level ride centres in the world. From the mild-adventurer to the most hard-core action seeker, there’s something here for everyone!

Find your element in the heart of the North Island

Rotorua has more natural wonders, more family-friendly attractions and a greater range of products than anywhere else in NZ. With an extensive range of accommodation options and a central North Island location that’s easily accessible from major airports (just 45mins from Auckland) and by car (just 3hrs from Auckland), Rotorua makes a great base to explore the surrounding region.

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